Deciding on buying or selling commercial property. We can assist in getting the right type of property for your needs and structure it efficiently. Prelation provides the supporting financials in order to enable you to make a better informed decision.

Optimizing the financial returns on you investment is aspect of holding any multi-unit Residential, Commercial office space or Retail units. Prelation, in conjunction with its affiliates, can conduct engineering studies to get tax credits for energy efficiency as well as for depreciation review for tax planning.

The following Value Added services are available:

Cost Segregation for Buildings and Improvements
Repair vs. Capitalization - Review US Code 263(A);
179D Incentive for Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings
45L Credits for Energy - Efficient Residential Developments



Buying or selling a house and want improvements made?

If you are looking to do a renovation and seeking funds for construction, a number of options are available for us to help.

Different options to improve the property are available, and taking this decision can be a daunting task. Our team of experts will help you navigate your way, in this important process.

Prelation provides support and appropriate consultation through its joint partners to hand hold you through the home improvement process, where qualified consultants will support your decision process, and provide you with detailed financial model and concept plans for your selected property.

Remember, lack of in-depth research and understanding of this decision can impact the future prospects drastically.

Renovation Services available:

  • Home Renovation & Additions
  • Land Development Projects
  • Project Management - support for home construction

So, connect with us at Prelation today for property evaluation & review and have us sail you through to the whole process!

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